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Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Doral

If you suffer from missing teeth, you probably want a solution to restore your healthy smile.

Dental implants are the strongest and most permanent kind of tooth replacement offered in dentistry. Dental implants. help prevent bone loss, do not get cavities, and are at very low risk for fracture. In addition to, all those amazing benefits., they are the strongest and most life like replacement option for missing teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

The dental implant itself is a titanium post that heals within your bone below the gum line. On top of the implants the missing tooth or teeth can be replaced with either a single crown, bridge, hybrid, over denture.

  • Single tooth implants: If you have lost just a single tooth due to injury, gum disease, or severe decay, you may want to consider a single implant with an ┬áporcelain crown. A single tooth implant is an ideal way to prevent shifting of your natural teeth surrounding your missing one and prevents having to shave down the teeth next to it to replace the missing one.
  • Multiple teeth implants: Multiple teeth implants: If you are missing multiple teeth, more than one implant can be placed and multiple options are available to replace these missing teeth. The options include fixed dental implant bridge, a fixed hybrid denture/ all-on-4, or removable overdenture. One implant does not have to be placed for each missing tooth. The implants can be spread out which will significantly reduce the stress level on your jawbone and surrounding tissue.

Why Get Implants?

Dental implants are the strongest and most permanent kind of tooth replacement. If you want teeth replacements that look and feel like the real thing, you should seriously consider dental implants. When dental implants are properly installed and looked after, you will experience very few problems with them. If you are interested in getting implants, contact Prime Dental Group today!

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