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Experts in Lumineers

Do you suffer from yellowing, crooked, or misshapen teeth or gaps in between your teeth? Veneers can help you with all of these problems, but you will find that not all veneers are designed the same.

Here at Prime Dental Group, we believe that Lumineers are the gold standard for dental veneers. This is because Lumineers are much thinner than normal veneers. They can be placed in the mouth much more easily, with a minimal amount of preparation to the natural teeth. Prime Dental Group is here to serve Doral, FL residents with affordable Lumineers options.

What Are Lumineers?

The key difference between Lumineers and other veneers is the fact that they are crafted with proprietary technology. This makes them unlike anything else available on the market today. The great thing about Lumineers is that they can be made in custom shades and shapes.

Another great aspect to Lumineers is that they are incredibly thin; they are around as thin as a contact lens. Despite being so thin, Lumineers are able to cover up a wide range of cosmetic issues and they are just as strong as traditional veneers.

Lumineers also allow you to take care of your teeth without having to do any additional maintenance; once they are in place, you will be able to brush and floss just as you normally would. With Lumineers, you are always ready to smile!

How Are They Different?

There are a variety of reasons that Lumineers are different from conventional veneers. For example, the treatment time for Lumineers is significantly shorter than with conventional veneers. If you want to have a great smile for a special event, such as a wedding, you can make sure you are ready on time by choosing Lumineers.

Another positive aspect of Lumineers is the fact that they minimally invasive. Because they are so thin, our dentists will not need to drill or file down your natural teeth. This means that you won’t need to wear temporary acrylic veneers. Lumineers are cast using digital impressions so there is no need for messy cast impressions. We simply take a digital image of your teeth, send it to the lab, and install your new restorations once they are ready.

With Lumineers, you will instantly feel more confident because of your improved smile. Your Lumineers will be custom-made to fit the natural shape and size of your mouth. Your teeth will look bright, white, and youthful again!

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